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iconbylyric's Journal

Icon By Lyric - Icon Challenge
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Icon challenge community

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Welcome to iconbylyric, yet another icon challenge community, inspired by this post in ihasatardis.

Unlike most 100 icon table communities, the text for each icon is dependent upon a song of your choosing. Your goal is to icon either the entire song, a select verse/chorus, or 50 icons that encompass the general meaning of the song, all connected to a central theme. The theme can be the band that sang it, fandom-related, or as simple as stock images only, a single colour-- nearly any theme will be accepted. So be creative and go wild!

When completed, comment here, and you'll get your name in the Hall of Fame, as well as a shiny banner.

If you'd like to be a banner-maker, please comment here.

Comment with ther questions/concerns/suggestions here.

[1] Join the community
[2] Submit a claim
[3] Post your icons
- Please give [3] teasers and put the rest behind an lj-cut.
- You do not need to post all icons at once
- Post your first batch within two weeks after being accepted, or your claim is canceled
- Extensions will be granted only if there is no one on the waiting list.
- Outside links are fine, except for on the final batch which needs to be posted to the community in order to be added to memories.
- Use tags!
[4] After you're finished, comment here with a link to your completed claim.
[5] Comment, credit and do not hotlink when using others icons.
- If your icons are NOT snaggable, please make a note of this in your post, otherwise it is assumed that icons are free for taking with credit.

There is a more detailed explanation on the differences between claim types here.

The quick claiming guide:

[1] Check claims list to see if your claim is taken

- There are two separate things you are claiming: song and theme. The song is going to be the text of the icon, the theme the pictures or style.

- There cannot be two claims on a song with the same theme. You may comment here and be put on the waiting list, if you want to do a taken claim.

- There are also three types of claims:

*Full song - 90% of the words must be used, and added words are not allowed, (though tense and word form changes are allowed, ex: is to was or 'cause to because)
*Chorus or a single verse - Use 90% of the verse or chorus that you choose (though tense and word form changes are allowed, ex: is to was or 'cause to because)
*General song - 50 icons using song text, changing, adding and rearranging anything you like. Easier and more open-ended, but has nowhere near as cool of an effect as a finished icon table that spells out an entire song.

[2] Comment on the claims page with the following form:

[3] Wait to be approved and given your timeframe.
- Timeframes are as follows:

* Full Song - 100 days
* Chorus or Verse - 30 days
* Chorus and Verse - 50 days
* General - 50 days
* All must have a first batch posted within two weeks of being accepted.


To affiliate, comment here.